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                       MEDIATION MATTERS
     Mediation Matters was founded by Attorney Melissa Whish out of the knowledge that there is a successful and preferable alternative to the costly, burdensome and often inflammatory dissolution of marriages through the Court system. 
Attorney Whish combined her aptitude for dispute resolution with her 30 years of experience as a Family Law practitioner as well as training as a divorce mediator to offer Divorce/Family Law mediation - a process which allows the parties to proceed through the difficult matter of divorce and related issues with dignity and a self-determined outcome. 
Mediation does matter - it works!

   Level Playing Field
The expertise of the mediator and the exchange of Financial Statements with verifying documents allow both parties to participate in the process with equal support and information. 
Additionally, depending on the complexity of the case, outside sources such as an accountant, CPA, financial planner or pension appraiser can be utilized to analyze the financial impact of the proposed settlement from that perspective.
The parties may also choose to hire their own attorneys strictly for the purpose of reviewing an Agreement at a considerable savings in legal fees. 

- Self Determined Outcome
        Mediation allows the parties to maintain a sense of control over their lives at a time when many facets of their lives feel out of control.
Rather than leave decisions about critical, intimate aspects of their lives in the hands of the Court, the parties can customize their agreement, within the parameters of the law, to suit their circumstances.

- Large Financial Savings
             Divorce is inherently financially difficult. Through mediation, the cost of a divorce can literally be cut in half or even less depending on the number of meetings it takes to reach resolution. The parties jointly pay the mediator, attorney Whish, who is a family law practicioner with 20 years experience as well as divorce mediation training, thereby eliminating the cost of two separate attorneys.

Decreased Emotional Impact
Getting divorced is inherently stressful. As many are painfully aware, it is on the list of the top stressors in life. Additionally, the most important factor in childrens' post divorce adjustment is the intensity of conflict between their parents. 
Mediation allows the parties to resolve their conflicts in a cooperative, dignified manner thereby allowing them to maintain a similar relationship for themselves and for the benefit of their children.    



           Mediation is a voluntary, cooperative settlement process in which the mediator, as a neutral, knowledgeable party, assists the parties in identifying the issues to be addressed, gathering and analyzing the necessary information and formulating a formal Agreement.
Potential matters can range from divorce, separation, post-divorce modifications, post-divorce contempts and parenting plans.
At the completion of mediation, a formal Agreement to be filed with the Court will be generated by attorney Whish. Parties are encouraged to retain individual counsel to review agreements reached during the mediation process and the final Agreement.


1. Initial Contact
Contact attorney Melissa Whish by phone (781) 871-2250, by email at or by filling out the Contact Request form. You will receive a prompt response from attorney Whish to discuss the particulars of your situation and to answer any questions you may have.

2. Make An Appointment
A mutually agreeable date and time for the first meeting will be determined d
uring the initial contact. Prior to the initial appointment, the parties will receive a Mediation Agreement and a Court generated Financial Statement to be completed and returned to attorney Whish for review and discussion at the initial meeting. 

3. Payment of Fees

The fee for mediation is $300 per hour and is shared by the parties. There is no up-front retainer required. The fees are payable at the completion of each session. Payment for preparation of a final Agreement and Court documents necessary to schedule a Court hearing is due prior to preparation of these documents. The fees for preparation of the Agreement vary according to the complexity of the document.

4. Completion of Mediation

The end result of successful
mediation is a legal Agreement which comports with the law and incorporates the terms agreed upon. This Agreement, along with the necessary supporting Court documents will be filed with the Court by attorney Whish in order to schedule a hearing. The Court hearing will result in the Agreement becoming an Order/Judgment which is then enforceable by the Court. Only the parties, not the mediator, attend the hearing which is brief when there is a completed Agreement.      

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